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OPPO Hallux Straightner
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OPPO Hallux Straightner

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The Oppo Hallux Straightener is a small gel shape, intended for placing between the big and second toe in order to prevent overlapping. Its soft gel design provides a cushion for the toes, relieving pain caused by calluses and ingrown toenails rubbing against other toes or shoes.

This product contains 2 gel pieces which are easy to keep clean and last a long time, although excessive prolonged use may result in the gel hardening and becoming unusable. Avoid direct contact with open wounds. It is best to replace the product after an extended period of use. If you have allergic or sensitive skin, consult with your physician or podiatrist before using the pads.
Helps realign Hallux Valgus deformities
Reduces pain caused by problems with big toe
Comfortable gel structure.