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Amron Fragrant Feet
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Amron Fragrant Feet

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Foot odour is quite a common problem and there is nothing to be embarrassed about it. This problem is caused by some specific bacteria and Amron Fragrant Feet can help you fight with them. This product is the perfect answer to those crinkling noses due to odour from your feet. How does Amron Fragrant Feet work? This product is made from highly odour absorbent materials that act as foot bedding restricting bacteria to offer significant reduction in odour. Amron Fragrant Feet basically offers layering of active charcoal, natural latex and ventilation holes that help to keep your feet dry at all times. The active charcoal is known as an outstanding absorbent of many kinds of odours.

Problem of foot odour can be very difficult to tackle. If you have already used powders and sprays then you must know that they do very little to offer any relief. The Amron Fragrant Feet is a unique product that can be used as insole; it acts as bedding and fights bacteria that cause odour. Plus it also provides to keep feet comfortable all day long.


Why should you get the Amron Fragrant Feet? The reasons are quite obvious. It is easy to use, absorbs maximum odour, fights bacteria and helps to keep feet dry with the help of ventilation holes. You can easily place them inside shoes and wear them normally. The cushioned surface also helps to reduce fatigue during longer days on feet.

Features And Benefits

  • Fragrant Feet works as foot bedding to fight against odour.
  • It is basically a layer of active charcoal and natural latex.
  • The ventilation holes help to keep feet dry.
  • It fights odour causing bacteria.
  • It provides cushioning and reduces leg fatigue.
  • Amron Fragrant Feet is easy to use inside footwear.