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Amron U-Heels
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Amron U-Heels

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Are your experiencing pains and discomfort while walking or standing lately? The Amron U-Heels can be the perfect solution for this problem. The reasons behind frequent pain in feet, legs and back can be many ranging from serious fracture or injury in past to weak joints. Amron U-Heels help to relieve pressure and impact from feet and provides cushioning for long lasting comfort.  These are made in true medical grade silicone gel which offers effective relief in shooting heel pain. The gel takes initial impact during different types of activities, sports or everyday work. You can easily place it inside footwear and carry on with activities as usual. Plus the product is made from skin friendly and hygienic materials.

Almost everyone can use Amron U-Heels. These heel pads are designed in a special shape providing correct arch support to the heel and thus provide relief in shooting heel pain. Therefore, whether you are an athlete or need support your daily activities, this is the ideal choice. Heels are also washable when dirty and can be reused any number of times you want. They are specially recommended for elderly with joint problems.


Doesn’t it become difficult to cope with heel pain? It can affect your concentration and stamina at work or play. Amron U-Heels proves to be a good support system for everyone. There two available variants for the product: medium and large. Choose one according to your foot size for a customized and comfortable fit.

Features And Benefits

  • They are made of true medical grade silicone gel.
  • They provide controlled heel movement and support.
  • U-Heels are beneficial in shooting heel pain conditions.
  • They are perfect to support sports or daily activities.
  • The material used in skin friendly and hygienic.
  • They are washable and reusable.