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Dr Morepen Hot Water Bottle
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Dr Morepen Hot Water Bottle

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Dr. Morepen has a tie up with numerous international majors & introduced in India, product ranges which help people in monitoring their health every single day, thereby encouraging users to seek a remedy in time in case of a health issue. Dr. Morepen’s Hot Water Bottle is vaulted on both sides to provide optimum relief and happens to be a superior quality reliever, bringing relief from severe aches. The bottle is ideal for hot water fomentation & soothes inflammation as well as aches on difficult areas of the body like muscles, joints, etc. This product is a must-have for every household as a care kit, especially if there is a member in the family who has an occasional irksome ache, be it a back ache, swollen knee or pelvic pain.


Features And Benefits

  • This hot water bottle has been scientifically designed.
  • It can be made use of as natural warmer for the body & also for heat therapy healing.
  • The hot water bottle is helpful if you are facing an issue like Joint Pain, Muscular Cramp, Menstrual Pain, Stomach or Back Ache, Muscle Pull, Arthritic pain, Rheumatic Pain, and ache from excessive sport activity. It can also be used as a Bed Warmer & is very soothing for elders & children.
  • The product has been manufactured according to British standards.
  • Dr.Morepen Hot Water Bottle is made using high quality PVC rubber.
  • It is leak proof & is ribbed on both the sides.
  • Offers maximum comfort & has a long life.
  • Ideal for your home, a clinic or hospital, outdoor camping & travel.