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Accu-Chek-Advantage /Sensor Comfort Test Strips (100 Strips)
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Accu-Chek-Advantage /Sensor Comfort Test Strips (100 Strips)

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The Accu-Chek Advantage:

Sensor Comfort Test Strips are the best solution for getting accurate results faster. So now when you want to quick test your blood sugar level, you can simply rely on the advantage of Accu-Check. Comprising of 100 pcs in a box, you will not have to worry over continuous checking your blood sugar level. With its comfort curve it conveniently fits your finger. You can use these strips in accuchek sensor, accuchek comfort and accuchek advantage meter. Get accurate results faster with the advantage of Electrodes with palladium.

How to use

After opening a new pack of Accu-Chek Sensor test strips, you must remove the old coding chip from your meter and replace it with the coding chip from the new pack. Accu-Chek Advantage/ Sensor Comfort test strips for the better option to test simply and reliably. The comfort curve makes it particularly easy to apply the blood drop on the strip.


Accu-Chek Sensor Test Strips Glucose test strips are used for the quantitative determination of blood glucose in the range of 0.6-33.3 mmol/L. Suitable for self-testing

Adviced for:
Sensor Complete

When you take a test strip from the vial, make sure you close it immediately afterwards to preserve strip quality.