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Beurer Forehead Contact Thermometer (FT45)

Beurer Forehead Contact Thermometer (FT45)

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The Beurer Forehead Contact Thermometer is as the name suggests helps to measure the temperature simply on contact with the forehead. This is especially helpful if the fever is due to cold or other such factors when you simply cannot put the thermometer in the mouth and close it, as the nose is already sealed up. Within seven seconds of contact with the forehead of the patient accurate reading can be acquired on the large digital display screen for an unimpeded view. By using the memory space provided it is possible to compare the current fever readings with the last one. There is a signaling system present in this thermometer which sounds when the readings come up.

  • Fast and gives accurate results
  • Batteries included with the product
  • It has no mercury and glass
  • Memory space present
  • It is completely infection proof
  • It comes with automatic switch-off.
  • Caution:

    Keep electronic equipments out of children’s reach. If fever persists, consult a doctor.