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Equinox Hot and Cold Relief
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Equinox Hot and Cold Relief

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HEAT:Hot Water: wrap the pack in a towel and immerse in water about 80 °C to minutes. If at room temperature: 10 minutes if taken from the freezer:Microwave method: microwaves vary in power, adjust the heating time accordingly for less or more powerful microwave ovens.Instructions have been provided below as a guideline for reaching optimum temperature.Flatten the pack and ensure the gel is evenly distributed. Set timer for about 235 seconds if the pack is at room temperature: 55 seconds.If frozen and allow to stand for another 30 seconds. If more heat is required, microwave further add increments of 10 seconds, with equal standing time, until the desired temperature is reached. Record the total heating time for further reference.COLD:Store in freezer so pack is always ready for use. Remove and allow to defrost for 5 minutes. A minimum of 2 hours is needed to freeze the gel. To avoid frostbite or bum always wrap the pack in a towel for use The cold or hot therapy is generally recommended to apply to the skin When using for treatment of post-surgical trauma, follow instructions of your physical or medical practitioner. If contents are exposed to the skin or eyes, flush with water immediately. If imitation or redness persists, consult a physician. The gel is Non-Toxic. To use under adult supervision