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Pulse Wave B.P Scale 300 mm Regular
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Pulse Wave B.P Scale 300 mm Regular

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The Pulse Wave A.C. Adaptor is the adaptor that should be used with the blood pressure monitors to ensure that the electricity supply to the machine is regulated and that it works well. The adaptor is an essential accessory as this sends the electrical supply to the machine which then works to take the blood pressure. The adaptor provides the right watts to the monitor so that it can work and take all the accurate readings. If the electrical supply is not proper, you cannot get an accurate reading and thus using the Niscomed A.C. Adaptor is important.

Features And Benefits

  • Made from high quality material to ensure proper power supply.
  • Meets all standards.
  • Safe to use.
  • Easy to use and plug in.
  • Ensures adequate power supply to get accurate reading.
  • Perfect to be used with regular armlets.