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Omron HEM7112 Upper Arm BP Monitor (Clinically Verified)
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Omron HEM7112 Upper Arm BP Monitor (Clinically Verified)

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Omron BP Monitor Upper Arm (HEM-7112) is designed to measure your blood pressure and pulse rate levels at home. This monitor uses the Oscillometric method that is it detects the blood movement as it moves through the brachial and within seconds provides you with the systolic and diastolic Blood Pressure reading. The Arm cuff inflates and deflates automatically with the press of the function button.The monitor is available with a carrying case and the instruction manual includes a detailed explanation of its functions. Before you use the monitor do go through the important safety information provided in the instructions booklet. It is suggested that if you are diagnosed with arteriosclerosis or arrhythmia or you are pregnant, use it under the advice of your family physician. If you have any blood disorders or blood flow problems, do not use the monitor unless you have consulted the doctor.