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Beurer Nebulizer (IH50)
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Beurer Nebulizer (IH50)

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The Beurer Nebulizer is an ideal device for the treatment of anything ailing the upper or the lower respiratory tract. There is a high effectivity through this nebulizer use because it works via the vibrating membrane nebulization procedure. It is an ideal choice if children need to use it. This device comes with a number of accessories such as children and adult masks and a mouthpiece. All in all, this is the ultimate in medical technology as far as being handy and ease of use is concerned. It can also come handy when youÂ’re travelling. This nebulizer can ease down respiratory problems and limit future occurrences.

  • Disinfection possible
  • High percentage of respiratory particles
  • Easy to operate
  • Features high pressure
  • Comes with handy accessories
  • High capacity of nebulization
  • Short inhalation time
  • Comes with a storage bag for safekeeping when not in use
  • Warning:

    Use only under medical supervision.